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J.F. MacKenzie

J.F. MacKenzie is a Filmmaker from the UK. A recent graduate from Solent University, he studied Film Production BA (hons) and completed the course with a 2.1 and a First in his Advance Directing Module. He has always wanted to be a film maker, ever since he was a young boy. He was first inspired to become a film maker when he was 7 years old when he visited a Star Wars exhibition in London. There he was first introduced to the art of film making. Since then, he has been striving to become a Feature Film Director/Producer. He is passionate about making films that will create a large impact to his audience whether that be Horror, Fantasy or Science Fiction. His goal in life is to leave a positive impact to this world. His favorite films include; Lord of Rings: Return of the King, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Apollo 13, Rush and Top Gun. His work is inspired by his favorite film makers who include: Ron Howard, George Lucas and Peter Jackson.


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Setting the Spotlight
March 2019

An interview/short-documentary with accomplished cinematographer, Aaron  Rogers.

Nousha Lounge
March 2020

A promo showing the magical creation of the Nousha Lounge Hot Chocolate.

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An escaping young royal is stumbled on by two unknown barbarians, convincing them to escort him to safety. The safety of the world is on their shoulders, however they must face enemies both around and among them. 

Divied and Together

Two boys from different ends of a very divided city becomes friends however they need to keep their friendship a secret from their family or else it will create a war within their city.

November 2019

A young woman finds herself at odds with a new romantic partner.

Fear Me
June 2021

A young transitioning man is at odds with his emotionally attached boyfriend, while in quarantine due to a deadly pandemic.


A women wakes up in the middle of an unknown forrest. Not knowing who she is or how she got there. All she knows is she needs to survive. During her survival, she tries to piece together everything she doesn't know. However, she isn't the only being trying to survive!

The Girl from Gutersloh

A German girl's journey to finding true love throught the years.

Laurel 1.png
Your District (Under 18s)
Best Documentary (Under 18s)

My first nomination awarded by Horsham Festival for my short film 'The Beauty of Horsham'.

My secondary nomination awarded by Horsham Festival for my short film 'The Beauty of Horsham'.

Best Cinematography in a short film

This nomination was awarded by Solent Short Film Festival for my short film 'Gaslight'.

Your District (Over 18s)

This nomination was awarded by Horsham Festival for my short film 'Gaslight'.

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